Clear As Day, Excerpt, Six Sentence Sunday

Kissing Kay – Six Sentence Sunday

Only one more Sunday until Clear As Day releases on April 4 and I’m still happy dancing from the 4 1/2 star scorcher review from RT Book Reviews!

In today’s six,  Nate and Kay are enjoying the sticky, sweet treat of s’mores around the campfire, when a smudge of chocolate tempts Nate to more:

Hell of a great kiss, oh, yeah.
Nate sank into the slow, hot rush. Kay’s mouth was sweet and soft, her unbraided hair rippled silk, and as her body relaxed against his, the fire and their friends faded from thought. He soaked it all in: the chocolate, the sugar, her breath feathering over his skin. The brush and sway of her body against his drove his blood south and left his head buzzing. Kissing Kay was the best sugar rush.

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A Kiss

15 thoughts on “Kissing Kay – Six Sentence Sunday”

  1. Great sensual and sweet 6! Love hearing his feelings and descriptions of this moment, how he focuses in on the moment and savors it, and then the nice line at the end to sum it up. Well done!

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