Clear As Day, Excerpt, Six Sentence Sunday

What If She Trusted Him – Six Sentence Sunday

Only two more Sundays until Clear As Day releases on April 4!

In today’s six, Nate has pulled Kay away from their group of friends to go night fishing on his boat and, now that they have private time to themselves, she’s been expecting him to demand answers:

What if she trusted him, as Olivia had trusted R.J., trusted those around her, and something beautiful came to disaster?

She sucked in a hard breath. Getting wound up was no good. Nate wasn’t pressuring her, but she was doing a good job pressuring herself.

Nate looked back at her and smiled as he reeled in his line. Just a content aren’t-you-glad-we’re-here together smile that wrapped around her like velvet and steel, uplifting and terrifying and comforting beyond anything she understood.

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Sailboat at sunset
Photo: Fred Green

14 thoughts on “What If She Trusted Him – Six Sentence Sunday”

  1. Awesome 6! I really like her introspection (we’re so good at winding ourselves up aren’t we??) and contrasting it with his laid-back attitude. And then culminating in such a wonderful metaphor that so aptly expresses that scary time/moment!

  2. Ah, that is so sweet. Nate, and the way he makes her feel with a smile, that is. Her inner turmoil isn’t so sweet…poor thing.

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