Tinkering With the Blog

I’ve been playing around with updating the theme and layout of the blog again, and tidying pages and widgets in preparation for Clear As Day’s release in April. I’m not ready to upgrade to a completely custom website, so in the meantime I wanted something clean and easily read,  not too cluttered, not too plain.

Not quite sure if I’m completely happy with this bolder contemporary layout yet, but has most of the features I wanted in a theme and the look is growing on me.

What do you like to see at an author’s website?

What do you think of the new look here?

Photo: lauren lank

1 thought on “Tinkering With the Blog”

  1. When I visit a site, I like to see excerpts, a good-sized cover so I can see the details, and links to social media so I can keep up with what’s going on. I think this is very clean and neat. The links on the right (I’ll be visiting, and recent posts) are grey against yellow, so not as easy to read as I would like, but the post itself is clear. Tinkering is fun. I just updated my website’s homepage, and created a new Blog – Unstoppable Heroes, so I can relate to your trials! =^_^= Good job. I like the new look.

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