Love Burns, Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday 9

I’m still attempting to finish Love Burns by the end of the month (I don’t see it happening thanks to some stubborn scenes and busy EDJ, but I’ll keep plugging away) and made some progress planning promotion for Clear As Day. Since deadlines help, I’m taking up a 30k challenge in February and plan to split the word count between editing Love Burns and having some well-needed fun writing new words for Heat Wave.

So, with focus back on Love Burns for today’s six, a simple fishing lesson heats up:

“Now, we’re going to cast overhand here. So keep that finger tight on the line, and you’ll cock the rod back over your right shoulder, so the reel’s kind of pointed up.” He skimmed callused fingertips over her, and drew her into position, his chest brushing her back, swimsuits allowing sun-warmed bare skin to meet bare skin, and caged her in the gentle grip of his arms and hands. “Like this.”

The rush of needy heat swiftly drowned her resolve to be sensible and focused. Oh, yes, how well he’d used those hands yesterday…

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