Heat Wave, Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday 8

With all the editing work on Love Burns and figuring out promotion for Clear As Day which releases on April 4, I haven’t had any time for new writing and I’m feeling the all work, no play blues at the moment. So, as I’m considering a little writing on Heat Wave for a challenge in February, here we have a six from the scene following last week’s six:

Still amused by her new boss’s deep blush, Jo locked the bathroom door, stripped off her wet t-shirt and bra, and set to drying the bra the best she could under the hand dryer.

Sayer was cute in a craggy, gawky way with those bright blue eyes under perplexed brows. Tall and lean, with muscular shoulders and arms, and big, weather-rough hands that shouted hard work and an outdoor life, he looked like a hero from a old Western, a guy who could keep you safe.

Rain slashed against the window and reality prickled a cold chill over her skin. Too soon to tell if that was really true. Liars and dangerous men came in all guises and the worst were the ones with the innocent faces.

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