Heat Wave, Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday 7

I’m still working hard on my goal of finishing Love Burns by the end of the month, but got slightly distracted yesterday while jotting down a scene idea for Heat Wave, so for fun I picked today’s six from that story:

Hands resting on slender hips, his newest employee scanned the dripping disaster that was his office, focused on the burnt-dry coffee pot, and arched one blonde brow. “First, I think we’d better start off with some fresh coffee.”

Then sensibility shoved past Lloyd’s dizzy relief. He was gaping like an idiot again and, while Jo rocked the wet t-shirt look, she was probably cold. Ears and cheeks burning, he blindly grabbed one of the company logo t-shirts from under the counter and thrust it at her, futilely attempting to look anywhere but at her perfect breasts neatly displayed by the soaked pink cotton. “Uh, here, since you’re, ah, wet.”

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