Blame the Moonlight, Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday 5

Happy New Year everyone!

I’ve been working hard to finish up Love Burns, but I took a little break yesterday to work on Blame the Moonlight. So here’s six sentences from that story:

The music changed again and now they were swaying to Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” and those sultry, desperate words about not wanting to fall in love wrapped around her. She didn’t want to fall in love either, but truthfully, if she was of a mind to fall in love, falling with a man like Roy would be so, so easy.

We’re friends, just friends.

“Yes,” Roy murmured and pulled her closer.

She’d said that out loud? Oh, please let her not have said the other stuff out loud.

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11 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 5”

  1. Mellow (something in your prose echoes slow-dancing) and dreamy (where you’re not sure if you’re thinking or speaking)… and then it appears something did change. Sweet.

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