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My First Sale! Cheers & Happy Dancing!!

I’m delighted to announce I’ve accepted a contract with The Wild Rose Press for my contemporary romance Clear As Day. This is my first sale and I’m filled with joy and not a little trepidation as I enter this new stage in my writing career.

What was I doing when I got the news? Well, yesterday morning at a little after 5 a.m., I sat down to my computer with my cup of coffee, Pookie the cat curled up in my lap, and I opened my email. Just another early, ordinary Friday morning.

And there it was, at top of the inbox. Good thing I had already swallowed my mouthful of coffee. I had to read the preview twice: “Congratulations! I’m very happy to offer you a contract…” The magic words. Finally.

And, yes, I cried.

And everyone I was bubbling over to tell was still asleep or off-line. lol Thank goodness for Twitter, and I found Kim was in chat already, so I could share before I burst.

So here’s a thanks to The Wild Rose Press and a huge thanks to my family and friends for all their encouragement and good wishes!

Photo: Roger Kirby

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