Clear As Day, Group Creativity Experiment

Group Creativity Experiment 2: Fairgound

This is week 2 of Moriah Jovan’s challenge to join in a Group Creativity Experiment in which she posts a song to spark our imagination and we all see what we can create. Her selection for this week is Fairground by Simply Red.

My piece is again from my story Clear As Day:

The lyrics of this song are perfect for this story: I love the idea of coming home to you . . .Love can bend and breathe alone/until the end it finds you a home.

~*~* ~* ~* ~* ~*~

Lloyd’s iPod shuffled and a Simply Red song Nate hadn’t heard in awhile poured from the little speakers. Fairground. Great song. Lloyd was humming along.
Nate looked over to where Kay, JoAnn and Carol were sitting and chatting. Carol was a beautiful woman, the camera would love her, and, JoAnn, hell, he would definitely photograph her before the end of this vacation.
But Kay . . . everything about Kay just made his heart and libido stand up and cheer.
“. . . I love the idea of coming home to you . . .”
Nate sat back and wiped his hands on a rag. That was it. When he was with Kay, he was home. Every summer, when he was flying back to the States, he felt like he was flying home.
Lloyd grinned and closed the engine cover. “She’ll purr like a kitten now.”
Nate laughed. With those engines, more like a full grown lioness. He glanced over at his Morning Whisper. Give him his sails and the peace of the wind and sails snapping.
Okay, then, time to pump Lloyd on Kay’s past.
Lloyd, so, what’s the deal with Kay? No. Better ease into it. “So how’s it feel being a dad to be?”
Lloyd grinned from ear to ear. “Scared spitless and happier than I’ve been in my entire life.”
“I’m real happy for you two.” Nate tossed the rag into the toolbox. “Lloyd, you’ve known Kay for a while now, right?”
“Ever since I met JoAnn. So, ten years. What’s up?”
“I was wondering, she doesn’t talk much about her family.”
Lloyd studied Nate and shrugged. “Never met them. Her mom is in New York or South Carolina or something. Moves a lot. Her dad’s in Chicago. Her sister lives with some asswipe in Virginia.”
“They don’t get along?”
Lloyd took a long breath and glance over at JoAnn. He exhaled slow. “Well, I’ll put it this way. Kay’s happier in Santa Fe.”
So it wasn’t good. At all. “Anything I should know about?” Nate asked slowly.
Lloyd gave him a long weighing look. “Have you asked Kay?”
“I just wondered. You know she keeps things close. I thought you might know a thing or two through JoAnn. Give me a heads up in case I need one.”
“You’ve known her eight years, pal. Why don’t you just ask Kay?”
He wanted to laugh. Because he’d known her for eight years. “I just don’t want to put my foot in it.”
“Well, you will. Cause we’re guys, we automatically put our foot in it. If you already have inserted foot, well, you have my sympathies. Apologies and flowers help. Some anyway. Groveling is also a useful skill.” Lloyd grinned.
Nate laughed and glanced back over to Kay, just in time to see her smile at something Carol said. God, please, he wanted to see that smile everyday for the rest of his life. If it took groveling, well, he was ready to hit the sand. She made him nuts, but damn, he’d found his home.
“Hey, loverboy.” Lloyd’s mocking voice broke though his reverie.
He dragged his attention back to Lloyd.
Lloyd was grinning. “Got it bad, huh?”
He considered tossing Lloyd’s ass over the rail. Might as well be honest. “Oh, yeah.”
“Then why are you sitting here yacking with me?” Lloyd lobbed his rag at Nate. “Go talk to Kay.”
“I could use some coffee.” Nate tossed the rag to join the other in the tool box and hopped over the side into the cool, shallow water.

~*~* ~* ~* ~* ~*~

Photo: Daniel Duchon

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