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Excerpt Monday 11

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Today we have another little excerpt from the contemporary romance I’m working on, Clear As Day. I’ve been really pleased with how this story has come along from the original little 9k short story that I never quite knew what to do with, but loved too much to consign to the box in the attic. I decided to play with it back in the beginning of January, see if I could plump it out into a novella. It must have finally been the right time, because it blossomed well past my target goal of 20k to 30k. It needs editing and polishing still, but I’m very happy with the results.

All was well at her little camp. She knew it would be, but Kay was relieved all the same. She really needed to stop letting Mother put more anxiety than she already had into her head. She quick put the food away and changed out of her shorts and t-shirt.

She put on the turquoise bikini Nate liked to see her in–she laughed- and peel her out of, wrapped her white pareu around her hips and slipped on the white gauze shirt that went well with both. Be happy. She put on the silver and turquoise earrings he liked. She brushed the wind tangles out and left her hair loose.
She trailed her fingers over his collection of pebbles on the table, polished by sand, wind and water.
Be happy. Be happy. How could she feel so happy and terrified at the same time? You’d think one would cancel out the other.
She would be happy for him and celebrate with him. They would talk. She would sort out her mind. Don’t worry, be happy.
Nate stopped talking the moment she came into sight, his attention totally fixed on her in a way that sent heat rushing through her and a happy little tumble in her heart. He waved and stood. “Hey, babe!” With a grin on his face he met her half way and kissed her. “I was about to go track you down. You look great.”
“And you look happy.”
“Life is good.” He gave her another quick kiss. “You wanted to talk?”
Be happy. Kay smiled. She just needed to practice. Starting right now. “It can wait”
He slid an arm around her waist. “Want a beer then?”
“Sound great.”
Nate slid his hand down over her bottom, cupping her close. He whispered in her ear, “Damn, I love this suit on you. Why does it always make me want to peel you out of it.” He softly nipped her earlobe.
Desire twisted and heated through her. Wanting him was so easy. That, at least, she had no doubts about.
“Let’s go swimming, so I can play. Hmm?” he murmured, with more little nips. “Please?”
Practice being happy. Go swimming. Play. Relax. Enjoy. Love. What was so hard about all that? Kay tugged the knot of her pareu free and tucked the wrap into his hand. “Okay.” She pulled away from him and strolled off, kicking off her sandals, slipping off her shirt and tossing it over a chair as she passed.
Running feet came up behind her and Nate scooped her up in his strong arms. He ran laughing with her into the water and threw them both in. The cool water a lovely shock against her warm skin, then Nate’s body hard and warm against her.
Laughter, whoops and whistles rang out behind them from their friends.
He tugged her to her feet in the shoulder deep water. “Come on, follow me.” He took lazy strokes out toward the moored boats. He floated on his back, waiting. When she followed, he kicked further on, putting Dave’s boat between him and the shore. She caught up with him. He caught her wrist and pulled her close.
“Alone at last.”


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